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Epidemiology-Based Analysis

Ergonomics International’s Epidemiology-Based Risk Analysis Suite uses epidemiology-based research to quantify ergonomic risk factors.  Our ergonomic risk analysis tools provide management with real time data to make evidence-based decisions, however, data is simple enough for ergonomic and safety teams to understand and apply. 
Tools To Quantify Ergonomic Risk
Choosing the correct ergonomic analysis tool prior to gathering data is just as important as choosing the right ergonomist.  Too many times little thought goes into this key step.  Choosing the wrong tool can lead to poor decisions and prove very costly.  
In addition to our epidemiology-based assessment, we also utilize additional Evidence-Based Risk Analysis tools to cross validate the epidemiology data.  The Ergonomic Analysis Suite Tools included:
  • ACGIH Hand TLV
  • NIOSH Lifting Equation
  • EPDA ™ (Proprietary Employee Perceived Exertion Analysis)
  • Z-EBRA ™ (Proprietary Epidemiology-Based Risk Analysis)
  • ISO Based Ergonomic Analysis
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